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Congratulations to the Midget B Team!

Congratulations to the Midget B team, which won the SSC Short Season Championship!

Special shout-out to seniors Mike "Vittles" Vitiello and Marco D'Angio - thanks for all the great memories boys!

by posted 11/16/2016
Congratulations to our Midget 1 Seniors

Congratulations to the high school seniors on this year's Midget 1 team.  The team lost in the SSC Midget A finals (despite a furious 3rd-period comeback), but they had a great fall season, and they are clearly a handsome bunch.  Clockwise from 9:00 is Brian "Beano" Guarino, Andrew Dunn, Tom Keith, Travor Fahey, Griff McKeown, Matt Conway, John Reissfelder and Brendan Hagan.

Missing from the picture: Braden Joe and Sam Murphy.  They are almost as handsome as the others.

Thanks for all the hard work and all the fun through the years, gentlemen.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of your hockey journey.  We'll miss you all.

by bob r posted 11/16/2016
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