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Feasibility study results
Dear WYH Community,   As you may know, last year's...
Cash Calendars!!! A winner every Day! Take a Chance
It's that time of year again... the Westwood Youth Hockey Fundraiser...

A call for Volunteers:  Four new positions have been posted. ...
Feasibility study results
Dear WYH Community,
As you may know, last year's fundraising from the Bruin's suite raffle supported a study of the feasibility of building a rink in Westwood. Some of you have inquired about the status of that project; this note will provide an update.

As background, a committee of WYH volunteers met several times to define the program's rink requirements and brainstorm possible locations. Members of the team then discussed the feasibility of various locations with town officials and also talked with local hockey programs and athletic directors to determine 3rd party demand for ice if a rink was built in Westwood. Others met with consultants to run the financial numbers. Finally, WYH hired an architecture firm that has rink-building experience, with the objective of evaluating the locations in more detail and creating renderings of rinks at the various sites.

Overall, the study demonstrated that while there are several sites that initially appear attractive, there are few with the proper cost, setbacks, zoning and readily-available utilities. Further, the financial analysis showed that WYH, WHS and XBHS would only need ~35% of the available ice, and thus we would be in a position of needing to sell the remaining ~65% to cover a mortgage on the building. This could be a daunting task, especially given that Norwood is building a new rink, something that was not officially confirmed at the time our study started.

Because of the above factors, the WYH Board concluded that it is not appropriate for WYH to take on the risk of such a project at this time. However, the program now has a much greater sense for rink feasibility in various locations and should the project be revisited in future, this knowledge and the assets created by this study will be a very useful starting point.
Thank you for your ongoing support of WYH.



by posted 01/19/2015
Cash Calendars!!! A winner every Day! Take a Chance

It's that time of year again... the Westwood Youth Hockey Fundraiser - we need your support!
Cash Calendars
Everyone should have received an envelope full of Cash Calendars. This is our big fundraiser for the year, and the time is short (first drawing is on Feb 1).

Short story: please sell (or buy) all the calendars that you received!  Additional calendars are available online.  We really need 100% participation.  Traditionally funds raised have been used to help defray the costs of the program and also to provide money for financial aid for families who may not be able to afford the program otherwise.  

Long story: WYH tries to provide an excellent developmental hockey program that includes skills and powerskate sessions, a team practice and a game per week for all teams.  Costs for ice, leagues, and skills instructors continue to rise.  To help keep tuition as low(!) as possible, we try to hold fundraisers that have appeal to people outside WYH so that we're not just hitting you all up for extra money.  Please do your best to sell the calendars to relatives, friends, co-workers ... anyone who can use a little cash (because with 28 chances, obviously everyone will win at least once).  That kid who sold you Girl Scout cookies?  Payback time (you didn't even get the cookies yet, did you?). 

There is a definite cost associated with this type of fundraiser, so please sell all of your calendars.   If you run out, they are also available in the online store on our website.
The calendars are $10 and will be on sale thru the month of January - drawings will be held for each day in the month of February - prizes from $50 to $200 each day.  There are prizes for the top sellers - first prize - hockey stick signed by some of the Boston Bruins.  2nd & 3rd prize - $50 gift cards to Pure Hockey.
The top and bottom portions of the calendars are numbered sequentially and the bottom half of the calendar should be filled out and returned to Jennie Conway or Jackie Hagan along with any money collected.  Players should write their names on the back of the stubs (bottom portion of the calendar) that they are returning for any calendars that they have sold.  All sales should be completed by January 31st - and all money collected and calendar bottoms should be returned by January 31st.    Also - please return any calendars that are not sold.  
For more calendars or for any questions - please contact Jennie Conway (  ) or anyone on the WYH board.
Thanks for your support


by posted 01/17/2015

Midget Champions!

by posted 12/07/2014

A call for Volunteers:  Four new positions have been posted.  Extra care has been taken to focus the scope of each so that the time involved is minimized.  Please take a look at the home page for and look to the far right – click on ‘Open Positions’.

by posted 08/12/2014
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